CBD has been a part of our team’s life for a long time now. With different health issues and conditions, I and my colleagues have all seen the positive effects of CBD on the body, mind, and soul.

Cannabis, has for many thousands of years, been used for medicinal uses. Here at the CBD Treat, we also still believe and use CBD; CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is the second most prevalent of the active ingredients of cannabis.

While CBD is an essential component of medical applications of cannabis. This can come in many forms, not excluding Isolate, Raw hemp paste, variations of edibles containing CBD, CBD infused drinks, topical creams, and bath infusions.

All of these different uses of CBD all work and have different effects. The only real problem is that there is not enough research on long term dosing. Unlike traditional, man-made medicines, for some reason, there are no clear structured dosage guidelines for CBD intake.

The leaves and flowers of the cannabis sativa, grown in a laboratory.

For most oils, the dose is too low and therefore, ineffective for most people. When using the isolate, it works a lot quicker. It is activated and can work almost instantly when consumed under the tongue.

Other applications, that are successful, and have been tested in house, are the bath salts, coffee and honey. With a good amount, healthy amount of CBD, we have seen some amazing effects. Isolate, in our experience can help with a range of issues.

If you are unsure about CBD, and how to use it, please contact us, using the contact form and we can advise/consult on the best form and application of CBD for your personal circumstances. We are not doctors, but we are people who have a greater understanding of CBD, combined with first hand use and trials.

In the future, we will organise and conduct official research papers into the positive effects of CBD on different conditions, physical and mental.

Cannabis plant growing on a white background.